Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pam's Picks: More College Thoughts

College has been on our mind lately because our oldest child is in the process of applying for admissions.  Here are a few really good college articles that I ran across this week.

Janice D'Arcy at The Washington Post brought up an interesting question:  If parents are paying for college, do they get a say in what major their child picks?

Lauren LyonsCole at Adaptu gives us 5 ways to motivate your child to start saving for college.

Lynne O'Shaughnessy at CBS News takes a look at a new Stanford graduate who is on food stamps and also examines the relationship between college majors and their coinciding unemployment rate.

Elle at Couple Money discusses renting textbooks with Ecampus.

John at Married w/Debt tackles the pros and cons of parents paying for college.

Other interesting reads from this past week:
Squirrelers discusses teen drivers and expensive car purchases.
The Penny Hoarder lists 5 weird ways to make extra money in college.
Nikki at Debt Free by Thirty talks about Learning from the Lilkendeys.
Hank Coleman guest posted at Thirty Six Months and wrote about 5 ways to raise entrepreneurial kids.
Your Finances Simplified has come up with 5 Pet Resolutions that will save money.

And...a big thanks for including MoneyTrail's posts:

Miss T at Prairie Eco Thrifter hosted the Yakezie Carnival.
Family Money Values hosted the Totally Money Blog Carnival.
Raising CEO Kids picked us to be a guest blogger on the topic of organizing finances with your child.


  1. Thanks for including me in the discussion.

    Interesting question as to whether the parent has a say in the education if they are paying. I would say the parent does have a say. The kid would then have a choice of what is more important: parents paying or kids choosing.

    1. I am quickly learning that nothing about the college process is easy. Our oldest will start college this fall and we have three younger kids. We'll be doing this for awhile!

  2. Thank you mention my post on textbooks. I hope students can save money - college is already expensive!

    1. You discussed a great website and plan on using it this fall when Brittany starts college! Thanks!

  3. Picking your school can be really make the big difference. You have to be choose the right one so that you'll learn a lot of new things.