About Us

MoneyTrail.net is owned and operated by Frank and Pam Whitlock of Alpharetta, GA.

About Pam
Pam graduated from Western Carolina University in 1991 with a BS of Ed in Elementary Education and Reading. She is a NC Teaching Fellows scholarship recipient and taught first grade and special needs Pre-K in the NC public schools. It was during this time period that Frank and Pam had their first child, a daughter. Soon after, the family moved to GA where Pam became a Director of an educational preschool, with an enrollment of over 100 children and about 20 teachers and staff. After the birth of their second child, a son, Pam decided to be a full time, stay at home mother. The next few years brought two more sons and the Whitlock’s house became an incredibly busy place. Pam has kept her educational roots strong by volunteering in the classrooms of her children and volunteering with the many extracurricular activites that the children participate in. The creation of MoneyTrail has allowed her to use her skills as a parent and as an educator to provide a high quality, useful resource for families.

About Frank
Frank graduated from Western Carolina University in 1991 with a BS in Computer Science. Frank has worked in the field of software development for over 20 years. He has written code and led teams of developers through the release of several commercially available software programs. Besides work, Frank stays busy helping his wife, Pam, with their four children, two of which are teenagers.