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Monday, July 9, 2012

Online Allowance and Money Trackers

Online allowance trackers, or virtual family banks, are popular tools for organizing a child’s money and encouraging financial literacy skills.  We created our MoneyTrail website and app to fit a need that we have in our family.  We have four kids and keeping up with allowances, IOUs and cash was difficult.  I would continually forget the last time I paid allowance or I would lose the sticky note that reminded me to pay Brittany $10 for washing the car.  Since Frank was a computer programmer and I was a teacher, we put our heads together and created a solution that worked for us.  (Read our full story here.) 

MoneyTrail may have started with our family but it has rapidly grown to help thousands of families with their allowance and money management needs for kids.  Frank and I are proud to offer our free virtual family bank from our website and we have an app in all the major app stores.  

MoneyTrail features include: