Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Interview with Rock Your Block

Rock Your Block is a Facebook and mobile application that helps teens find job opportunities in their community. It's all location-based, so teens build a dynamic online resume that they can easily send off to local employers.  "Rock Your Block empowers teens to learn invaluable life-skills and develop a strong work ethic at an early age – ultimately setting them up for long-term success."

I have had the pleasure of getting to know the folks at Rock Your Block through several conversations.  Today they posted an interview with me about the importance of family involvement with teaching kids and teens about money management.  Here is the beginning of the interview.  Please click through to their site to read the full story.

As teens find opportunities to make money in their communities, Rock Your Block wants to make sure that they have the right tools and resources to track their earnings and spending, set money-saving goals, and learn the overall importance of money management. Parents play a vital role in instilling financial management values in their children, and our interview with Pam Whitlock, founder of Atlanta-based MoneyTrail highlights the importance of involving the entire family in money matters and how their application helps cater to the needs of today’s busy families.  Read the full interview...


  1. What a nice piece. Congratulations!

  2. This sounds like a really cool organization. We have something similar here where I live. I think it is a great way to help to teens get on their feet and make sure they have a bright future.

  3. Miss T - I am glad to see more and more resources becoming available for teens!

    Thanks for reading. I really enjoy your work!