Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spotlight on Charitable Kids

I love to see kids and teens who are kind and compassionate.  Supporting and working with charities can foster a sense of community and can actually help develop money management skills in young people.  Kids can see first hand that $10 could be used for something other than a toy.  It could purchase a blanket for a baby, a dinner for a family or a bag of food for a homeless pet.  Many families have a portion of the kid's allowance set aside for a charity or a church.  Other families also get the kids involved in volunteering their time.  I recently talked with Rachel, a young girl who volunteers with a private dog rescue group.  Here's what Rachel had to say about her volunteering experiences.

What charity do you support?  What is its mission?

I support “Pets to Be”.  Their mission is to help find mistreated dogs good homes.

What have you done to support this charity?  How often?
We donate to Pets to Be on occasion, and sometimes buy them a bag of dog food when we go into Petco.  We also volunteer to help hold the dogs and so on about once or twice a month.  They will take donations of old towels, blankets or pillows for dog beds or baths.

What prompted you to support this charity?
We got our wonderful dog, Pixie, from Pets to Be.  

What have you learned from your experience?
I've learned that there should never be a dog - or human left behind.

What is the most memorable experience you have had with this organization?
When we got Pixie, I was about eight, and I accidentally held her upside down.  She just looked up at me and licked my forehead.  It was adorable.

Would you recommend this charity to other young people?  Why or why not?
Definitely.  Pets to Be supports great dogs, and I've had tons of fun helping them out.

Have your personal financial habits or perceptions of money changed since becoming involved with “Pets to Be”?  If so, how?
I think about using old things in new ways more, and sharing more, like the towels that we donated.  We had plenty and Pets to Be really needed some. It made me happy knowing the puppies had warm beds from us.

We did set a budget for our donations.  My mom tells us what we can spend and we buy an extra bag of dog food or treats or shampoo to help out on the wishlist. Big bags can be expensive so we watch for coupons and sales to get the most we can for our money for them.

How can the readers find more information about this charity?
They have their own website, http://www.petstobe.org/.  

Do you know a charitable kid?  I would love to interview them.  Please email me:  pam@moneytrail.net

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