Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pam's Picks: Countdown of Treats 6,5,4,3,2,1

We all love holiday treats and, boy, did I find some financial treats for you this week!  And...these are truly calorie-free.  Check out these great articles.

6 Classic Movies About Holidays and Money by Dana Dratch on
If you need to take a break from the holiday madness, Dana has compiled a slideshow of 6 classic movies that incorporate excellent money lessons.  Pick a movie, pop some popcorn, gather the kids and enjoy a quiet evening.  You might even be able to initiate a financial discussion.  Read the article...

5 Ways to Put Santa on a Budget by Janet Bodnar on
Janet Bodnar is the editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance and the author of several books, including Raising Money Smart Kids.  She recognizes the tendency for holiday spending to get out of control within families and offers 5 great tips for reigning in the holiday frenzy of spending.  Read the article...

4 Frugal Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Christmas Vacation by Melissa at
Fellow Yakezie blogger and mom, Melissa, realizes that her kids will be at home for just over 2 weeks after Christmas.  (Our school calendar is similar, Melissa, so I'm right there with ya!).  She shares four great solutions for keeping the kiddos entertained without breaking your budget.  Read the article...

The Money Principle Brain Teaser:  What are the Three Stories for Children you like Best and Why? by Maria at
Those of you who know me, know that I love books for kids.  Maria shares her three favorites and I can't wait to read them!  Read the article...

How to Embrace Two-Way Conversations in your School-Parent Program by Carol J. Carter on  Many times the communication model in our schools only flows one way, from teacher to parent.  Carol shares tips on facilitating a two-way conversation between you and the teachers of your children.  Read the article... recipe for Red Velvet Cookies!

Do I need to say more?  I'll be making them soon.  I know I promised that the treats in this blog were calorie free.  Reading about them is calorie free.  You are on your own if you make them.


  1. Gr8 list and thanks for the mention! Maria will be very pleased!

  2. John@MoneyPrinciple -- You are most welcome. I'm a sucker for good kids books. It just brings out the teacher in me!

  3. Ahh.. more red velvet... cupcakes, cookies, etc. It seems to be the "flavour" of 2011.

  4. Red velvet is definitely getting popular, isn't it? Red velvet cake was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. I can't tell you how many of my birthday cakes were red velvet!

  5. Hi, Pam, and thanks for the mention. Enjoy the books.