Monday, March 26, 2012

Pam's Picks: Save, Spend, Share

Many parents like to teach money management to their kids with a Save, Spend, Share approach.  Here are three articles I ran across this week that illustrate using those concepts with children and teens.

Save:  The Everything Finance Blog presented  7 Fun Ways to Teach Children to Save.  I found some fun, new ideas for introducing the concept of saving to children.  I especially like the "visual" idea for younger children.

Spend:  The blog at Equifax talked about whether prepaid debit cards are good money management tools.  Some great points are discussed, especially in the comments section.  My opinion is to make sure you know what kind of fees are involved for routine usage.  Prepaid debit cards may cost your teen more than you realize.

Share:  Dr. Tanya Altmann shares 8 suggestions for teaching kids to be charitable on WebMD.  She emphasizes making charitable giving a fun, family activity.  I couldn't agree more!

Exciting news...
I woke up this morning to learn that two of my articles had been featured in recent carnivals.  Thanks for the honor!

  • Best of Money Carnival (hosted by Wealth Informatics) picks their top ten financial posts of the past week.  They included my post from last week, "How Mickey and Shamu are Teaching my Child about Loans and Debt Repayment."  
  • Totally Money Blog Carnival (hosted by selected my March Edition of Teaching Your Kids about Money as one of their editor's picks.

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  1. I like your breakdown for teaching finances - it's so simple, yet it sums it up pretty well.