Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pam's Picks: Mom Guilt, Africa and Charlie Brown

Financial literacy is becoming a well-talked about topic on the web.  I had so many choices to include in my Picks this week.  Here are my favorites of the week:

Have you ever felt a little bit sad or guilty when you didn't buy your sweet child the toy that he/she re-e-e-ally wanted?  Nancy Phillips tells us why we should release the guilt in her guest post on Financially Smitten.

Most parents want their children to be kind and charitable.  We strive to make this an ongoing quality.  Thad Thoughts shared his experiences in Africa and what it taught him about stewardship and children. 

Do you often feel like the Charlie Brown parent when you talk with your teen?  Wah-wah-wah.  Your Teens Money Skills gives us examples of re-phrasing our financial discussions so that our teens just might hear what we are saying.

The College Investor shared 4 finance tips that he wished he knew when he was 18.  He has some great, practical tips, from saving for retirement and not buying the fancy car.

Have you ever wondered how to introduce the concept of debt to your child or teen?  Kids Money Management wrote about kids, credit cards and debt.

Winner of our Blog Anniversary Giveaway:  A. Ann!  Thanks for helping us celebrate our anniversary!

A big thanks to the following sites for including us this week:
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Not Made of Money hosted the Yakezie Carnival - The Daytona 500 Edition
The Canadian Finance Blog hosted the Canadian Finance Carnival #77

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  1. Hey Pam! Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoyed that post. That was a long time ago, but it left an indelible impression.