Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pam's Picks: The Athlete's Edition

My favorites from around the web this week...

The College Investor had a fabulous post about our perceptions (or misconceptions) of money and how to make it work for us into our Golden Years.  Money, What Does It Really Mean? is a worthwhile read for all ages.

The financial actions of professional athletes was the topic of Beth Kobliner's post this week on the Mintlife Blog.  Sports Heroes as Financial Models?  points out some lessons that our kids can learn from the mistakes of many of our professional athletes.  She does, however, compliment Shaquille O'Neal on his educational accomplishments while being an NBA star.

After I tweeted the sports heroes article, Ballooning Nest Eggs sent me a link to a previous article from their site which listed several professional athletes who make charitable actions a part of their everyday life.  Athletes with High Scores as Role Models was a refreshing read.

And...since we are talking about athletes...I found a great article from about family activities that encourage physical fitness.  Check out these Fun Summer Fitness Tips.

Thanks for the mentions this week... highlighted us as his Favorite Read of the Week!  Thanks! included us in their Weekly Wrap-Up.

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