Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pam's Picks: The Jello Edition

It's been a busy week around the Whitlock household --- jury duty, an injured finger and a little situation with Jello.  It seems that my youngest two sons decided to see how difficult it would be to throw orange jello in the air and catch it in their mouths.  They learned that it was more difficult than they originally thought and that a broom & dustpan aren't the best option for cleaning up the mess.  They also learned that based upon the amount of orange stickiness, their mom can figure out that they weren't doing their homework.

Motivated by this little episode, I went in search of alternative uses for Jello and found a fun Jello playdough recipe.  It requires some cooking so parent supervision is necessary but maybe it won't end up all over your kitchen.

And now...on to the financial articles from this week:

Cheryl Lock on told us about 9 Money Lessons Financial Experts Teach their Kids.  There are some nice practical tips in here, such as delaying gratification and making reasonable choices.

The American Debt Project shared a story of how one college graduate learned about personal finance. I really liked this story because it shows how personal experiences and formal education can work together to teach financial skills.

Nancy Phillips at Zela Wela Kids writes about how teaching kids about money is like teaching them a sport.  I happen to agree.  It takes practice, practice, practice!

Andrea at So Over Debt shares some incredibly important things to know about banking accounts.

Lynn at The College Solution tells us if our savings will hurt our financial aid chances.

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