Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pam's Picks: Articles, Carnivals and Giveaways

Let's jump right to it.  Here are some fabulous finance articles from around the web this week.

Kids Money Management discussed teaching teenagers about budgeting.
Boomer from Boomer and Echo tells us how to put your kids to work.
Your Smart Money Moves listed the  Top 10 Unusual Scholarships 
Paul at The Frugal Toad discussed Personal Finance for College Graduates.
Nicolas Pell on Mint listed the best college majors by salary.
College Parent Central had a roundup of resources for staying safe and healthy in college.

Marie at Family Money Values examined decisions that lead to financial success.
My University Money talked about what makes a good teacher/professor.
Thad at Thad Thoughts shares is views on taking responsibility, a great lesson for our kids.
Tim at Faith and Finance gets us to examine our inspirations in "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants."
Master the Art of Saving tackled the issue of whether or not to tip for bad service. took a hard look at passive investing, a technique our kids will hear more and more about.
Passive Income to Retire discussed a new type of investment, buying a blog.

Thanks for including us this week in roundups, carnivals and guest blogs:
Canadian Finance Blog hosted the Canadian Finance Carnival #75.
My University Money hosted the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #20.
101 Centavos hosted the Yakezie Carnival, Zombie Apocalypse Edition.
Family Money Values hosted the Totally Money Blog Carnival #54.
Thad Thoughts included us in his Saturday Evening Posts.
Raising CEO Kids invited us to guest blog about the link between money and self esteem.

Have you entered the MoneyTrail Blog's $50 giveaway?  Come on...what's taking you so long? :)

And...more giveaways...
The Extra Money Blog is giving away more than $2000 worth of prizes.
Thad Thoughts is giving away a $25 Amazon card.
Master the Art of Saving is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card.
Faithful with a Few has an amazing round up of giveaways.