Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pam's Picks: Financial Literacy in the Schools

Each week, I spend a lot of time reading new articles and blogs about kids, teens, money and financial literacy.  I'll even pop over to YouTube and see what's going on over there. In "Pam's Picks", I will share some great articles and videos with you.

One of the current topics of conversation in the financial literacy world is whether or not financial literacy should be taught in the public schools.  While I think parents and schools should work together to ensure that our kids learn money management skills, I also believe that there is room in the standard curriculum for financial literacy.  There were several great articles this week about teaching Financial Literacy in the schools.

Hey, Education Secretary Duncan, Let’s Teach Kids About Money (Not Just Talk About It) by Dan Kadlec on 
"Speaking to a White House advisory group this week, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan highlighted the need for schools to begin teaching students about personal finance as early as kindergarten. He’s dead on. But what’s he doing about it?"  Read the story...

A Financially Challenged Generation is Slipping through the Cracks by Roma Luciw on
Luciw discusses a current survey that shows many high school students leaving school with poor financial skills and little knowledge of financial realities.  This leads them to make unwise financial decisions, such as entering credit contracts blindly.  Read the story...

A Free Economy doesn't come Free by by Janet Stauble on 
Janet interviews Brian Page, a personal finance teacher in Reading County, Ohio, who has implemented a financial education course in his area.  In his words, "financial education is the foundation of a free economy."  Read the interview... 

And, to end on a fun note, here's a classic SchoolHouse Rock moment:


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