Friday, September 2, 2011

Pam's Picks: Money Management from Preschool to College

Each week, I spend a lot of time reading new articles and blogs about kids, teens, money and financial literacy.  I'll even pop over to YouTube and see what's going on over there. In "Pam's Picks", I will share some great articles and videos with you.

Whew...what a great week for articles about kids, teens and money.  The experts this week covered money management concepts from young kids to college students and from piggy banks to cell phones!  Take a look at the treasures I uncovered.

Allowances:  What, When and How? by Kelly Whalen on
Kelly's article lives up to it's title and more!  She covers all the basics of allowance but then she goes one step further.  She gives usable advice, categorized by ages, of activities that you can do with your child to help them understand the concepts of money and money management.  Read the article here.

A Money Message in Every Tweet by Dan Kadlec on
If your tween or teen has a cell phone or a computer, chances are you have entered the world of texting, twitter or facebook.  Dan suggests that parents use social media as a tool to talk with your kids about money.  With teens averaging 3,339 texts per month and 7 1/2 hours per day on electronic devices (smart phones, computers, televisions), anything a parent can do to start a conversation is worthwhile!  Read the article here...

How to Wean your Teen Off an Allowance by Kim McGrigg on
There will come a day when you want to stop giving your child an allowance.  Kim offers practical advice on ending an allowance program and enabling your teen to become more self-sufficient.  Read the article here...

The One Critical Money Lesson Parents Forget to Teach their College-Aged Kids by Lori Mackey on
No parent wants to hear, "I need more money."  Follow Lori's advice to avoid getting that phone call or email from your new college student.  (And...start teaching money management when the kids are young!).  Read the article here...