Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Money Lessons at Playtime

When we lived in NC, I was a school teacher and taught first grade and a special needs preschool class.  Kids at that age are "hands-on" learners.  They need to be active and learn through actually doing things instead of just hearing about them.  With every new concept that I wanted to teach, I would find a way to make the concept real for the students.  For example, when we were learning to sort and categorize, I would lie on the floor with the kids and have them sort hot wheels cars by color or type.  When we were studying nutrition, we planned a meal, took a trip to the grocery store to purchase the food and then cooked it for lunch.  
This same theory can be used to help our kids learn about money management and potential careers.  Look for opportunities to incorporate money lessons in the things that are important to your child.  Saving for a special toy or a favorite charity can initiate many thoughtful money discussions.  Let your child help you with the grocery shopping and talk about price comparisons.  Let your child make choices with his money and remember that mistakes are just opportunities for learning.

Alisa T. Weinstein, author of Earn It, Learn It, has a unique perspective on connecting the dots between playtime, careers and earning money. Check out her video from PBS Nightly Business Report.

Career and Money Lessons Kids Learn at Playtime


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