Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Book Review: "Someday Is Not a Plan" By Dave Straube

Someday Is Not a Plan, by Dave Straube, is a basic personal finance book for young adults.  However, it reads like a novel and introduces financial concepts in an easy to read, personal manner.  There are no charts, spreadsheets or complicated financial terms.  Someday Is Not a Plan is a wonderful first finance book for any young adult who is just starting out their career.

Straube uses the story of a twenty-something young man, Larry, and his uncle to illustrate basic money management techniques.  Larry is living paycheck to paycheck and is trying to support a lifestyle that he can't afford.  He is making spending choices that many young people today find themselves making.  Larry thinks the answer to all of his problems is just to make more money.  He doesn't see how his spending and lifestyle choices are causing the issues.  Through a series of conversations with his retired uncle, Roger, Larry begins to turn his financial life around and plan for the future.

Pam's Thoughts:  I found Someday Is Not a Plan to be enjoyable and easy to read which is not something that can often be said for personal finance books.  It is not intimidating at all and I think most young adults would find this book to be an asset in their personal finance journey.  The financial information that is embedded in the story is accurate and comprehensive.  I strongly recommend this book for any young adult.

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Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of the book but it did not influence my review or thoughts about the content.  I will not receive any compensation from book sales that might occur from reading this blog.


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