Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pam's Picks: April 7, 2012

Should you let your child make money mistakes?  Alisa Weinstein says you should.  She gives some great pointers on the Nightly Business Report blog.

What do your kids know about credit cards?  Danny Kofke shares a recent credit card lesson for his daughter on One Money Design.

I am always looking for articles that tell me the right things to do with my kids so they will grow up to be financially responsible.  It was fun to see a humorous, sarcastic spin on this topic in 8 Tips for Raising Money Dumb Kids on

Geoff Williams thought his daughter was learning all about business and finances when she participated in the school's Entrepreneur Day.  He later discovered that the school left out one little aspect of  business finances that cost him some dough.  He shared his story in "Teaching your kids financial literacy without going broke yourself on

Can you learn a lifelong savings lesson at the age of 7?  Thad did...and he shared his story in Learning to Save on

Ever wondered how much of your financial situation you should share with your children?  Family Money Values takes a close look at this and gives us some advice for the different stages of life.

Other great reads from around the blogosphere...
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6 Free Financial Resources by Master the Art of Saving
When the Student Loan Bubble Bursts on Faith and Finance
Why Credit Cards are Dangerous for Students by My University Money

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