Monday, October 3, 2011

Pam's Picks: What Money Lessons Can We Learn from 12 Year Olds?

Each week, I spend a lot of time reading new articles and blogs about kids, teens, money and financial literacy.  I'll even pop over to YouTube and see what's going on over there. In "Pam's Picks", I will share some great articles and videos with you.

As parents and teachers, we are most often concerned with what we can teach our children or what they can learn from us.  However, kids can often have some fantastic insights.  Here are stories by two kids who really have their financial acts together.

iPhone Leads to Saving Success via
Charlie Tiseo, Money Smart Kid Chicago 2011, writes about his quest to save for an iPhone and what happens if he can't pay the monthly charges.  Parents and kids both can learn from this young man.  Read the article...

My 12 Year Old Daughter Shares her Secrets for Saving Money via
Len Penzo's 12 year old daughter, Nina, is a guest blogger and shares her money saving secrets.  She has grown up attitudes about money, including saving, tracking her expenses and earning her own money.  This young lady definitely has a bright future ahead of her.  Read the article...


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