Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MoneyTrail Co-Hosts #FinLitChat May 18 – Family Finances!

I have been invited to co-host a tweet chat about Family Finances on Wednesday, May 18th at 1:00 pm EST with FinLitTV.  FinLitTV.com is a website dedicated to making financial literacy possible.  During our chat, we are going to jump head first into the world of kids, teens and money!  I hope you will join us.

Hosts & Co-Hosts: @FinLitTV and   @MoneyTrailNet

What: Family Finances with MoneyTrail
When: 1pm – 2pm eastern Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Where: #FinLitChat hashtag on Twitter
How: Tweetchat, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Tweetgrid are the tools we suggest to optimize your twitter chat experience

Tips for Participating in a Twitter Chat:
  • Show up at 1pm at the #FinLitChat hashtag on twitter
  • Add the #FinLitChat hashtag to all of your tweets
  • Follow @FinLitTV and the Co-Host twitter ~ the topics and chat moderation will be coming from these twitter accounts
  • @FinLitTV will be tweeting questions to generate conversation – answer the questions, share your financial literacy experience, ReTweet your favorite answers & meet new tweeps!


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