Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Activities and Tips for Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy month in the United States.  Children and teens can definitely develop money skills that will help them become responsible, financially literate adults.  To celebrate and promote Financial Literacy month, each Friday in April I will post daily financial activities or tips for the upcoming week for you and your family.  Hope you enjoy…

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Week One:   April 1 - 7
  • April 1st:  Take your child grocery shopping with you.  Let them pick out an item and look at the price per unit.  Compare the price of the name brand item to that of the generic item.  Decide if the name brand is worth the extra money.
  • April 2nd:   Have a family game night.  Play games that have money as a theme, such as Monopoly, PayDay or Life
  • April 3rd:  Show your teen a credit card offer.  See if they can  figure out the amount of interest they would pay on a $100 purchase over 6 months or a year.
  • April 4th:  Be a good role model.  If you want your child to learn to save, show them how you save your money.  If you want them to spend wisely, show them how you avoid impulse purchases.
  • April 5th:   Allow your child to borrow money from you occasionally. Nothing will teach the value of a dollar better than paying off a debt!
  • April 6th:  Encourage young entrepreneurs to go beyond the lemonade stand.  Great resources for this at Raising CEO Kids.
  • April 7th:   Have your child or teen learn to keep track of his money.  I hear that MoneyTrail is highly recommended!

See you next Friday for Week #2 activities!  


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